Our 学生服务 Team

Meet Your 学生服务 Team!

学生服务团队提供与入职相关的整体协调支持服务, 学者, 出席, 订婚, 健康, and wellness to ensure all 学生 receive the necessary supports, from general school-wide programming to individualized intervention and action planning.  Through collaboration with teachers, 学生, 父母, and community organizations, 学生服务团队提供所需的全方位支持,以确保学生的积极性和保持在毕业轨道上.


在您在必威betwat的旅程开始阶段,您的必威betwat入职教练将与您一起工作. 无论你是学习更新和更新我们项目的返校学生,还是学习在线学习的新学生. 寄宿教练通过提供指导和报到,帮助学生在新学年开始时表现出色, 并且在整个学年都能提供,以确保你和你的学生拥有成功的学校经历所需要的所有知识和技能.


Engagement coaches work with 学生 throughout the school year. Their primary focus is student success.  They help with the delivery of student services, initiatives and provide interventions. 除了, 它们为提高学生的参与度和学习成果提供支持,从而使学生成功地完成学业水平.

Attendance Support Specialist 

海蒂西蒙, our 出席 support specialist, 帮助有出勤困难的家庭,帮助解决您可能面临的问题.

学生服务 Manager, 贝基·汤普森; 学生服务 Coordinator凯蒂Woodring;
辅导员: 萨拉·波勒斯, grades K-8; Lea骗子, grades 9-11, 克里斯Hafer, grade 12; 社会工作者,阿什利认为

1st & 2nd Grade Engagement Coach

“I am so grateful to be a part of the 必威betwat team. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 英语 and Art History from The Ohio State University. 毕业后不久,我就搬到了泰国,在那里给不同的学生教一年级. My position as a 1st grade teacher birthed my passion for educating young minds. So after traveling around Southeast Asia among other places, I moved back home and served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in the Cleveland Metro School District. There, I advised high school 学生 on their college and career choices. 这个职位最好的部分是与学生建立融洽的关系,并看着他们成功地追求自己的目标/梦想. I hope to continue helping and supporting 学生 in my community at 必威betwat. I truly believe education is one of the greatest gifts we can offer one another! 在我的业余时间 you can find me reading, 烹饪新食谱, 我的小狗散步, or watching a great film.”

Special Programs Engagement Coach

你好! My name is Debrah戴维森. I hold a BA in 英语 from Arizona State University, an MA in secondary education from Eastern Michigan University, and an MS in educational leadership from Madonna University. I am a lifelong educator who has worked with 学生 in schools, both brick and mortar and virtual, 在美国这里.S. 和海外. I am excited join 必威betwat as an Engagement Coach. I truly believe it is education that helps to improve the lives of learners, thus helping to heal the world one child at a time. I look forward to working with each learner and their family to make that possible.

11th Grade Engagement Coach

你好, my name is 马修Bettura! I earned a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Youngstown State University. I am happy to be part of the 必威betwat team! I look forward to helping each student achieve their goals. 看着每个学生进步到下一个教育水平是一种非常美妙的经历,或大或小,能成为其中的一份子是非常美妙的. 在我空闲的时候, I enjoy spending time with my family, 看电影, 玩视频游戏, and spending time with my three cats

Guidance Counselor, Grades K-8th

This is my11th year K-8 school counselor. I love the way a child’s mind develops during these years, and I have always loved watching 学生 grow and evolve into young adults. 当我不让家人放松的时候,我的主要爱好是阅读青少年小说或科幻/幻想. I am married, we have two daughters in elementary school, and a golden doodle named Gryffindor.

Guidance Counselor, Grade 12th

I have been a school counselor in brick and mortar and online since 1991. My main focus is helping 学生 and families have the most positive experience at 必威betwat. 目前我的重点是让这些高年级学生越过终点线,这样他们就能迎接下一个冒险. I love to cook and bake (gluten free), read, and spend time with my husband. We have one grown son and several fur babies. 我的生活很丰富!


Elementary 新员工培训教练

你好, my name is 达纳·贝勒! I earned a degree in sociology and political science from Capital University. 我还在中央州立大学完成了社会研究和语言艺术领域的儿童中期教育工作. I spent 8 years as a classroom teacher. 我期待着与所有聪明的人一起工作,他们在我的照顾下开始了与必威betwat的旅程.


~Marian Wright Edelman"


Kindergarten 新员工培训教练

你好, I am 米歇尔•霍华德 and I am happy to be part of the 必威betwat Team! 我拥有约翰·卡罗尔大学(John Carroll University)的心理学学士学位,在社会服务和教育领域有超过25年的工作经验. 我认为,儿童的整体福祉和他们的教育是他们生活中非常重要的组成部分. I pledge my commitment to helping our 学生 get on the road to success and bright futures! “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”——纳尔逊·曼德拉


9th Grade P-Z Engagement Coach;

问候! My name is 约瑟夫Dismond. 我的成绩是B.A. in 英语 from Hampton University, and my M.A. in Educational 政府 from Temple University. My free time is focused on school because I’m currently pursuing my Doctorate in Education. 我是一名终身教育家,热爱激励年轻人在课堂内外充分发挥他们的潜力. I am very excited to build bonds with 学生 and 父母 alike!


10th Grade M-Z Engagement Coach

Becoming part of the 必威betwat family is truly an honor and a blessing! What I love about my job is getting to encourage and motivate 学生, knowing they will soon contribute to society in many wonderful ways. A little about me: My favorite country that I have traveled to is Guatemala, where I first learned to speak 西班牙语. I have a well rounded background in the Education field, having worked as a pre-school teacher, 代课老师, high school 西班牙语 teacher, and bilingual instructional assistant. I love trying new recipes, going on adventures with my children, and learning new things about the world around me! As an Engagement Coach, each day I look forward to guiding my 学生 across the finish line. 你可以这样做!

9th Grade H-O Grade Engagement Coach

I’m excited to be an 订婚 coach here at 必威betwat. I am a proud Akron University Zip! 我的热情是帮助人们实现他们的梦想,我期待用我的创造力为必威betwat的学生. 我喜欢的音乐, 绘画, 时尚, 古董, 瑜伽, 普拉提, traveling and spending time with my daughter. Dreams don’t work unless you do!

7th Grade Engagement Coach

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from The University of Akron. I have always enjoyed assisting youth in their education. I began my journey with 必威betwat in the 出席 department and now as an Engagement Coach. I enjoy the opportunity to be a part of the growth and academic career of 学生. One of my favorite hobbies is traveling and since I am a foodie trying new restaurants!

“不要害怕. 集中. 是充满希望的. 被授权.”


我在肯特州立大学获得了传播学学士学位,在阿什兰大学获得了幼儿教育学士学位. I have a passion for doing my part in making a difference in each student's lives. I feel honored to be a part of 必威betwat where I am able to see growth in student’s lives daily.

8th Grade Engagement Coach

I am excited to be a part of 必威betwat. For the past 6 years I have served in education. It is a joy for me to help motivate 学生 achieve their goals. I have a Bachelors, and 2 Masters Degrees from Liberty University. I have a wife and 6 children. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and traveling. “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” – George Washington Carver

10th Grade A-L Engagement Coach

我毕业于俄亥俄大学,获得特殊教育学士学位,毕业于克利夫兰州立大学,获得教育管理硕士学位. I have worked in education for over 16 years, and couldn't see myself in any other career. I have a passion for helping 学生, 使用技术, and finding solutions to help 学生 succeed. I am dedicated to improving our educational systems to make learning meaningful and useful. 我喜欢必威betwat使用许多不同形式的技术与学生和他们的家庭互动和参与. I am involved in many church ministries helping educate children and 父母. I enjoy learning new things, spending time with family and friends and traveling.


4th Grade Engagement Coach



学生服务 Coordinator

I graduated from Ashford University with a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education in 2016. I consider myself a lifelong learner and want to share my passion for learning with 学生. 在必威betwat工作中,我最喜欢的事情是帮助家庭和学生度过他们的教育旅程. 在我空闲的时候, I can be found reading a good book or spending time with my pets.

Mikyraa Kinnard

Special Programs Engagement Coach

Being able to be a part of my 学生' educational journey is an honor and a privilege. To see a student grow from the beginning of the school year to the end is a joy. 看到这种动力激励着我每天继续为我的学生和他们的学业成功努力工作. 我在不同的教育领域工作过,有一件事是正确的,那就是学生是我工作的驱动力. 作为一名学者,我来到这里是为了成为支持我们每一个学生的团队的一员. 


Guidance Counselor, Grades 9-11

你好! I am the 9th-11th grade school counselor. I have my master’s degree in school counseling from Kent State University, along with educational certificates in disability studies and career advising. I have been with 必威betwat since the end of the 18/19 school year, and have loved working with every student and parent here! 我热衷于帮助学生成为最好的自己,帮助学生在他们的教育和生活中发展积极的心态. I look forward to working with you!"


3rd Grade Engagement Coach

大家好,我是艾丽·摩尔! I am the Elementary Orientation & 新员工培训教练 at 必威betwat. 我毕业于肯特州立大学,获得教育研究学士学位,辅修非盈利研究. My favorite part of working at 必威betwat is advocating for the 学生 and their families. I firmly believe 父母/guardians are the most important part of their child’s 必威betwat journey. I am excited to help make that possible!

Dion Stentz

6th Grade Engagement Coach

I graduated from Andrews University with a Masters' Degree in 社区 Counseling. I have a passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. 关于必威betwat,我最喜欢的事情是看着学生们逐渐取得的学术成就. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and a good movie.


9th Grade A-G Engagement Coach

Today is the day where you define what your tomorrow will bring. It is up to you and only you to make a decision to work harder, 成为一个领导者, accomplish your highest goals and reach your highest potential. What you accomplish today will define your tomorrow, your future and the world around you. Take pride in what you learn, for that knowledge will bring you success, fulfillment and character that no one can ever take away from you.



我很激动即将开始我在俄亥俄州远程和必威betway中文版的第13个年头. 我真正的爱好是教自己利用新技术,与学生建立积极的关系. 在我的业余时间, 我拍电影, build Lego with my two children; Mia and Danny, and wrestle things out of my puppy’s mouth that he should not have. I look forward to the next chapter in my 必威betwat career!


12年级 & 中国共产党接触的教练

Working with 学生 at 必威betwat has been an inspiration every day. The fuel for education that 学生 have is contagious. They have made the job as Academic Advisor truly awarding. Each student has inspired me to be a better person in many different ways. 他们的故事和奋斗让我更加努力地工作,带领他们走向他们可以拥有的最好的未来.



5th Grade Engagement Coach

你好, my name is 奇基塔香蕉公司的账单 I am the grade K-2 academic advisor with 必威betwat. 我毕业于阿克伦大学,获得了社会工作学士学位和学校咨询硕士学位. I enjoy communicating with 父母 and watching the 学生 develop a passion for learning.
“教育是通向未来的通行证,因为明天属于今天准备它的人。” —Malcolm X

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