Social Interaction

Just because your student is attending virtual classes with 必威betwat, doesn’t mean they can’t have a great social life.

At 必威betwat, our students get the best possible education for their needs – but do they miss out on social opportunities? Some virtual schools don’t take the time to think about students’ social needs. We think your child deserves better.

必威betwat is the only virtual online school in Ohio that gives students opportunities to feel like they’re part of something bigger. When it’s time to move on to college or a job, your child will have all the right social and communication tools to be successful.

Protection and Inclusion

Students who have had trouble adjusting to school can get a brand-new chance for a positive social experience. Bullies can make a traditional classroom miserable for students, and there’s only so much traditional schools can do to protect your student from them. At 必威betwat, our students are free from bullies and free to be themselves.

At 必威betwat, your student will have the opportunity to be social with more students – and more kinds of students – than in any traditional school. 必威betwat students are from all over Ohio and from all walks of life. Your student will interact with others in the virtual classroom every day, but 必威betwat also sets up opportunities across Ohio for our students to get social:

  • Field trips
  • School-wide events for students to visit with their teachers and classmates and get excited for school
  • Free admission to dozens of museums and parks, which often feature group activities for students
  • Virtual clubs and extracurricular activities
  • Flexibility to meet local peers in sports and other out-of-school clubs
  • We provide the social support your young student needs to be successful – it’s just up to you to take advantage of it!
  • With 必威betwat, your student will have an experience different from that found in traditional schools – and even from other virtual schools. We think you’ll agree that 必威betwat is the best online virtual school experience for your student.

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